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We’ve got the ability to produce a huge range of products all under one roof. Unlike other printing companies that need to outsource the manufacturing component of a branded product we do it ourselves. This allows us to keep an eye on the entire production process of a campaign and produce products with continuity across the board. With experienced departments such as; metal works, wood work and electrics all under one roof we can save you valuable time and money. From aluminium snapper frames, vacuum molded lightboxes and everything in between we’re able to make it and make it well. Our products are all proudly made in South Africa and perfectly suited for the harsh African climate.

Import & Export

Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with our partners in the East and import a wide variety of raw materials and substrates. By creating a closed supply chain we are able to filter down the massive cost savings to our clients. Equally as efficient are our exports. We export a large range of our products across the African continent and are competent in EU regulations. We offer our clients the advantage of in-house production and international distribution.

Custom Made Products

We know that to make an impact and effectively communicate your brand to your target market one needs to be original and stand out from the noise. Our years of experience in the industry makes us experts in marketing trends and next generation technologies. Our factory can produce almost anything our clients require. Alternatively, we love to guide our clients on the best means to realise their expectations of a campaign.


Printing is our speciality and we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. Our factory is capable of large format digital printing, screen printing, dye sublimation and other ink transfer mediums. Our factory is mass production orientated and extremely efficient in delivering any sized campaign. We are also able to satisfy clients who need smaller runs of supplementary branded products such as posters, flyers and business cards.

Promotional Goods

Did you know that in a recent study the humble ballpoint pen was found to have been held by 70 people on average during it’s lifetime! That’s nuts and also a very cost effective way to reach your market. At Impressions we’re proud to have launched our promotional goods department and are excited to offer items that complement our in-house range of products. We provide items as small as USB drives and as large as bar fridges, all beautifully branded and energy efficient.

Plastic Recycling

We are a company concerned about the environment and great emphasis is placed on our impact on it. By creating environment policy that not only encourages an ethos of being environmentally conscious but also empowers every department and employee to constantly evaluate how waste materials are created and how best to recycle them. We strive towards lowering our overall carbon footprint in each of our manufacturing departments. Identifying what materials and natural resources we use most, both directly and indirectly, allows us to put a plan in place to reduce, reuse and of course recycle. PVC tablecloths are a product we have placed significant research into and will gladly collect PVC tablecloths that are no longer relevant in the market place. The tablecloths are ground down into small pellets and are used to create school shoes amongst other recycled products.

No Leaks!

In advertising, timing is often the key to the successful launch of a new product, competition or event. We are proud to offer our clients unrivalled confidentiality and security with all the campaigns we are involved in. Giving our clients peace of mind that their artwork is 100% secure.

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